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Stratasys Announces Elchanan (Elan) Jaglom to Step Down as Chairman of the Board of Directors in May

Stratasys, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSYS) (the “Company”) announced today that Elchanan (Elan) Jaglom informed the Board of Directors of his intention to resign as the Company’s Chairman of the Board, effective May 17, 2020. Jaglom will remain a member of the Board.

The Stratasys Board of Directors will convene on February 25th, 2020 and is expected to name a Chairman as Jaglom’s successor, to go into effect May 17, 2020.

For over two decades Jaglom has served the Company, beginning as a Director of Objet Ltd. in 1998 and as Chairman of Objet from 2001 until the Stratasys-Objet merger in December 2012. Jaglom then served as Chairman of the Executive Committee until he was appointed as Chairman of Stratasys in February 2015. Since June 2018, Jaglom has served as interim Stratasys CEO in parallel with his Board leadership responsibilities. With the recent naming of Yoav Zeif as the Company’s new CEO, effective mid-February, Jaglom will remain in his role as Chairman for the subsequent three months to ensure business continuity.

“It has been a privilege to serve as the Chairman of Stratasys through over 20 years of industry leadership and I am proud of the success we have achieved as the global leader in 3D Printing,” said Jaglom. “I am excited and confident about the future for Stratasys. We are entering a new phase as we prepare to introduce innovation and deliver on a game-changing roadmap in the coming years. I will continue to passionately support the Company as a member of the Board and intend on working closely with our newly appointed CEO, Yoav Zeif, whose experience will advance Stratasys to new heights of success.”