Home Industry Stratasys celebrates global success of its J3 DentaJet multi-material 3D printers

Stratasys celebrates global success of its J3 DentaJet multi-material 3D printers

The recently launched J3 DentaJet multi-material 3D printer from Stratasys is gaining popularity in dental laboratories worldwide, according to the manufacturer. By providing increased quality and accuracy for dental applications, the DentaJet series improves overall production efficiency, according to Startasys. As a result, the printer is a cost-effective entry-level solution to increase productivity and address labor shortages.

Advanced Dental Technologies, a full-service lab in Boston, recently purchased the new J3 DentaJet printer and uses it to produce crown and bridge models as well as implant models. “We are really excited about the output quality of the J3 and the ability to print multi-materials has greatly simplified and sped up our workflow,” said owner Dany Karam.

The DentaJet 3D printers leverage Stratasys’ digital workflow and enable unattended printing and minimal post-processing. This helps address the industry-wide challenge of a shortage of skilled labor by allowing labs to redeploy resources. Stratasys offers a customized solution for each dental application and its unique requirements, such as high accuracy, color realism or durability.

Ident’M, a dental lab in France, recently purchased a J5 DentaJet printer that now runs 20 hours a day to create about 1,000 dental parts a month. The parts must be incredibly precise, and the Stratasys system meets that requirement with an accuracy of just 18 microns.

The DentaJet series, based on PolyJet technology, enables new applications such as monolithic full-color dentures with Stratasys’ TrueDent solution, which the company announced this year for the U.S. market. Ronen Lebi, vice president of dental at Stratasys, said, “DentaJet printers are proving ideal for dental applications, given the complex geometries and variety of materials required.”

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