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Submersion pressure resistant housing for bird tracking devices

PathTrack, maker of the world’s smallest and lightest GPS tracking technology, has commissioned Sheffield-based 3D printing company Addition Design to produce lightweight plastic housings for its innovative bird tracking devices. The housings are designed to protect the GPS devices from submersion pressure and beak damage.

Otley-based PathTrack is partnering with Addition Design to produce housings made from fully traceable industrial nylon. These will protect GPS components from damage caused by ocean depths or birds with strong beaks.

Tom Fripp, director at Addition Design, expressed pride in the collaboration with PathTrack: “The result is fantastic, and it’s wonderful that our work is helping researchers learn more about bird migration around the world.”

PathTrack is revolutionizing bird research with its lightweight GPS tracking technology that enables monitoring of many bird species. Al Matthews, production engineer and 3D designer at PathTrack, emphasized that the collaboration with Addition Design has led to further innovation and they look forward to future joint projects.

Alex Matthews, production engineer and 3D designer at PathTrack, added, “We’re proud to provide researchers with the world’s smallest GPS tracking technology, and we’ve made a real contribution to the field of bird tracking science by developing technology that can be used on a variety of bird species, both on land and in water.”

Addition Design was commissioned to meet PathTrack’s specific materials and housing weight requirements. Matthews emphasized how impressed they were with the flexibility, communication, and product developed to help researchers worldwide track migratory birds and provide important data for the planet. Addition Design provides innovative design solutions and manufactures components in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system.

Find out more about PathTrack at pathtrack.co.uk.

For more information about Addition Design, please visit addition.design.

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