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Sunglass: 3D Modelling with Own App-Store

Sunglass is a new generation of CAD software and was recently introduced in beta version. The browser based software is supposed to revolutionise 3D modelling. Besides it’s own App-Store, Sunglass will also feature social network functions.

The cloud software addresses mostly designer and hobby user, who want to edit their models in a browser. The basic functions are free of charge and can be  extended by either buying additional ones in the App-Store or creating your own and offer them to other users.

Currently Sunglass supports over 40 different data formats and does not require Adobe Flash due to HTML5 and WebGL. Further features are a Dropbox interface, simultan editing of models by multiple users or other convenient interfaces e.g. to Tumblr.


This software was developed by an MIT Team financially supported with $ 1.8 million by General Catalzst, Sherpalo Ventures, Lerer Ventures and Maynard Webb.

(c) Picture & Link: Sunglass via Techcrunch