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Sustainable 3D printing: 3devo recycles SLS powder into high-quality filament

Dutch company 3devo has made significant progress in the field of sustainable 3D printing. By successfully recycling selective laser sintering (SLS) powder into high-quality 3D printing filament, 3devo offers a solution to a long-standing problem in the industry.

SLS powder, previously considered waste, is now being converted into reusable filament by 3devo. This method offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, medical and education sectors. 3devo’s recycling process allows users to reduce reliance on virgin SLS powder, which can lead to more frequent prototyping cycles, greater customization and the completion of more complex projects that would be too expensive with traditional materials.

3devo’s sustainable filament offers numerous benefits to the 3D printing community. It encourages innovation by opening up new possibilities for experimentation and applications. Thanks to reduced material costs and improved availability, companies can speed up their development processes and make them more efficient.

One example of the success of this technology is a new customer in the USA who had been looking for a solution to recycle SLS powder for several years. The specialists at 3devo have managed to turn this powder into high-quality filament that can be used in various industrial applications. This solution shows how 3devo is helping to shape the future of 3D printing by combining sustainability and innovation.

Overall, this development represents an important step towards more sustainable and cost-efficient 3D printing. By recycling SLS powder, 3devo is helping to reduce the environmental impact while expanding the possibilities of additive manufacturing. This enables companies to realize their projects in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, ultimately leading to a sustainable and innovative future in 3D printing technology.

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