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Tangible engineering unveils Solidator 3+ Resin 3D printer

Tangible engineering GmbH, manufacturer of innovative 3D printers and materials, presents Solidator 3+, the Industry-proven Resin 3D printer “Made in Germany”. Building on the success of Solidator 3.0, the Solidator 3+ and Solidator Functional Resin Material are optimized towards large end-use parts, manufactured in record time. The proven reliability in large industry print farms and the extreme dimensional accuracy of the printed parts as well as the strength of the materials speak for themselves.

The Solidator Functional Resin is much stronger, stiffer and more scratch-resistant than polyamide (PA12) used in SLS, while still offering enough impact resistance and flexibility for snap-fit applications and an excellent smooth finish. It is now also the material with the highest build speed on the Solidator 3+.

Solidator 3+ features a massive build volume of 345 x 194 x 400 mm (13.61″ x 7.65″ x 15.75″) and provides Z resolutions between 30-100 micron with a 90 micron XY resolution. It features an automatic refill system capable of working with 5 kg canisters. This newest version of the printer increased the build speed further by 20% to 2363 cm³/hour (144 in³/hour) with the Solidator Functional Resin which is extremely strong (Ultimate Strength 9572 psi).

The available materials target usage of the printer in engineering, industrial end-use parts, architecture and dental applications.

Solidator 3+ printer units and Solidator Cure Box Units for post-curing are in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Find out more about tangible engineering at tangible-engineering.com.

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