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Team4UA and 3DCP-Group launch Initiative to Rebuild Schools in Ukraine

The Team4UA Foundation and the Danish 3DCP Group have launched an initiative in Lviv, Ukraine, to rebuild schools using 3D printing technology. They are responding to the need for educational infrastructure resulting from Russia’s massive invasion, which led to the damage or destruction of over 2,000 schools.

Through 3D printing, they hope to accelerate school construction and lay the groundwork for rebuilding infrastructure nationwide.

Jean-Christophe Bonis, founder and chairman of the Team4UA humanitarian foundation, shared his perspective on the initiative: “The school construction project based on 3D printing technology is designed to provide access to education for children affected by the full-scale war in Ukraine, as well as to create an inclusive space for internally displaced children in Lviv. Destroyed schools and other educational institutions deprive the younger generation of the opportunity to receive a quality education, which can have a negative impact on their future and the future of the state. Innovative solutions will help to overcome this problem right now, more efficiently and much faster – just see how much have been done here in just 3-4 days of printing. Virtually half of the printing is already complete.”

The new elementary school is being built on the site of School No. 23 to provide a safe place for displaced children to learn. 90% of the building materials will be produced locally, supporting the local economy. This project, the first 3D-printed school in Europe, stands as a symbol of Ukraine’s resilience and determination to rebuild its country.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD said: “We are proud to have delivered the technology that makes this project possible. The proud people of Ukraine deserve all the support we can provide, and I am happy we have been able to donate all what we have been doing in this project for free. Out of the respect for the impressive fighting will Ukraine has shown on behalf of all of the rest of Europe and the rest of the democratic world, this is the least we could do”.

Find out more about Team4UA at team4ukraine.eu.

For more information about the 3DCP-Group, please visit 3dcp.dk.

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