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The E-Bike Platzhirsch by Urwahn wins the german sustainability award design 2022

Magdeburg-based bicycle manufacturer Urwahn receives Europe’s biggest award for ecological and social commitment: the German Sustainability Award 2022, which honors groundbreaking contributions to the transformation towards a sustainable future and honors Urwahn’s efforts to create fair conditions for people and the environment.

The jury, consisting of countless experts in the fields of design, function, sustainability and transformation, paid particular tribute to the durable steel frame of the award-winning e-bike Platzhirsch as the heart of every Urwahn bike. Here, the material steel convinced with an enormous longevity. In addition, steel can be processed, repaired and recycled much better than carbon and aluminium, which extends the product life cycle and transforms it into a circular economy.

Urwahn deviates fundamentally from the norm in the orientation of its value creation. A clear focus of the Magdeburg-based company is on regionality and demand-driven production. The resulting short production and logistics routes save resources and reduce CO2 emissions for the benefit of the environment. Every Urwahn (E-)Bike is created according to the principles of lean production “on-demand” and “just-in-time”. Overproduction is out of the question.
CEO and founder Sebastian Meinecke adds: “Sustainability plays a central role for us and goes far beyond production. People are always at the center of everything we do. For this reason, we have conspired to ultra individualization in order to be able to consider the needs for design, function and safety on a whole level. In addition, we pay all people involved in the value creation fairly, pay attention to regulated working hours and preserve health protection.”

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