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The first printing module dedicated to reinforced materials – 3DGence introduce a new product

3DGence, a Polish manufacturer of professional 3D printers and an expert in the implementation of 3D printing technology in the industry, presented a new accessory for its flagship product – 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.

The HF (High Flow) printing module introduced to the offer is characterized by the possibility of printing from reinforced materials such as PA-CF and PA-GF.

HF module was implemented to meet the customer needs which are increasing applications of carbon fiber or glass reinforced materials in their work. Parts manufactured with PA-CF and PA-GF are characterized by increased thermal resistance, but also the hardness and durability. These plastics are commonly used in the injection process in industry and very well known to our customers – says Mikołaj Skorupa, 3D Printing Application Engineer, 3DGence.

New nozzles of a 0.6 mm diameter

This is the fourth module compatible with the industrial 3D printer – 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 but the first one that has been equipped with nozzles of a 0.6 mm diameter. It also means that large prints can be done faster. The HF module just like the others is equipped with an automatic calibration system which makes it easier for users to work with the device.

We decided to introduce a new module with 0.6 mm nozzles because it will allow us to produce details from ABS in a much shorter time than before. On some geometries we get up to 40% shortening of the print time – says Filip Turzyński, Quality Development Manager, 3DGence.

The R&D department is currently working on expanding the base of available materials for the new HF module, the PA-GF material will be implemented in mid-April. Other reinforced materials from manufacturers such as DuPont, Clariant, and Owens Corning are currently being tested.