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The Zortrax M300 Dual – a new printer with double extrusion

Zortrax is launching the M300 Dual, a 3D printer with double extrusion. With its water-soluble support system (LPD Plus), it brings technology previously reserved for industrial 3D printers to your desktop.

The M300 Dual introduces a series of innovative solutions tailored to the needs of specialists seeking a professional but user-friendly 3D printer. The device allows users to work with two materials and the built-in extruder with a double hot-end and two separate nozzles enables models with an intricate geometry to be created – impossible on printers working with just one material. The two nozzles alternately extrude the modelling material, which forms the printed object, and the support material, which creates the water-soluble support structure. The support does not have to be removed manually, which allows users to print models with a highly complex construction.

“The dual-extrusion system and large workspace allow industrial-standard detailed and complicated printing, while maintaining the characteristics of a desktop printer. Our goal is to transfer the possibilities offered by an industrial printing to smaller, more user-friendly devices. The new M300 Dual is another step in this direction. Moreover, the M300 Dual is compatible with the Apoller smoothing device. We have created a comprehensive system enabling users to work using Zortrax devices,” says Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax.

Several features make printing even more comfortable. The new blackout response system secures the printing process during a power outage. Built-in capacitors store enough energy to keep the printer going until the exact stage of progress is saved. Once the power is back on, the device asks whether to continue printing or start again. If “continue” is selected, printing resumes from the place where work stopped before the device turned off.

Improved material end/jam detection improves work and reduces print losses. The M300 Dual will automatically notify the user about errors – for example, if the material runs out, the spool is installed incorrectly or the nozzle becomes clogged – and pause printing. A built-in camera offers live streaming, helping users monitor printing and avoid errors when creating prototypes.

The M300 Dual has a large, 265x265x300 mm workspace and an intuitive, colour LCD touch screen. Connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB lets users scale up to 3D printing farms and speed up work. Users can install different types of build platforms, including glass and perforated. They can choose from a whole range of third-party filaments that are fully supported in both single and dual-extrusion models. All Zortrax filaments for the M300 Dual – both base and support materials – will be available on spools. The product will be available for purchase in mid-2019, the suggested retail price
is 4490 USD.

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