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This App Lets You Turn Your Drone Footage Into 3D Models

DroneDeploy is a free – I´m gonna repeat this – FREE app for DJI Drone users, which makes your drone a 3D scanner.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and lets you 3D scan a large area or buildings. DroneDeploy uses the camera of the DJI drones to scan an area you preselect on the app. The free version lets you scan up to five maps per month with a resolution of up to 20cm per pixel. If you DroneDeploywant to get more resolution and more detailed 3D models you can get the Pro version for 99$ per month with unlimited scans and a resolution up to 5cm per pixel.

If you want to get super detailed DroneDeploy even offers a Precision version that features a resolution of up to 1cm per pixel, but that will cost you 500$ per month.

To show your how it works here is a sample form DroneDeploys blog. Above you see a picture of the house and below you can see the 3D model created with DroneDeploy:

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