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Thor3D Launches New Handheld 3D Scanner “Drake”

Moscow-based company Thor3D has just unveiled its new 3D scanner capable of capturing small, medium and large objects. Called Drake, the hand-held, wireless device can be used to scan objects ranging in size, from jewellery to oil pipes.

The company’s aim was to develop a single, easy-to-use and affordable professional device to scan objects of any size:

“Our vision, when developing Drake, was to give a single tool to the user enabling him to easily scan any object, regardless of its size. We pictured a museum digitizing their whole collection with a single, affordable, easy-to-use, professional tool. We envisioned an injection-molding specialist being able to reverse engineer any object his customers bring him with one device. We imagined a university sharing this scanner among different departments, because it was a multi-purpose instrument. One scanner – any scanning job.”

The white light 3D scanner is equipped with three interchangeable sets of lenses, each with a different Field of View and used to scan different sized objects. These lenses do not need to be calibrated and can be changed easily.


The scanner is completely wireless, with a built-in computer, a 7-inch touch screen and a battery. The captured 3D data is compiled in real time during scanning and then transferred to a PC via WIFI or USB flash drive. The device comes with Thor3D’s powerful desktop editing software and the embedded scanning program called Thor3D Suite.

Thor3D also explain another great feature of the scanner:

drake_3d_scanner_thor3d2Another noteworthy feature is that Drake is equipped with two projectors, instead of the customary one. This means that, using proprietary algorithms, the device is able to capture aspects of objects that were previously difficult for hand-held scanners, like sharp edges and thin plastic walls. And depending on which set of lenses you use, the maximum accuracy of your data will be between 40 and 200 microns; the maximum resolution will be between 0.15mm and 1.00mm.

The Drake 3D scanner will ship in November 2016. All three sets of lenses (Thor3D calls them heads) will be sold separately. Orders can already be placed.

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