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TNO and TU Eindhoven Launch European Centre for 3D Printing Smart and Multi-Functional Devices

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) are starting a knowledge center intended to be a leading centre for research and development of additive manufacturing in Europe. It will set its focus primarily on smart, personalised and multi-functional products.

The new centre will be located on the TU/e campus, building on the existing expertise of the university and TNO in the field of additive manufacturing. While the center will be active in the field of applied research to develop innovations that will be released to the market via affiliated companies or spin-offs, it will train experts and scientists as well as stimulate the competitiveness and growth of the Dutch industry.

As part of the newly established chair and research group “Systems Mechatronics for Advanced Manufacturing”, 25 PhD students will conduct research, along with 50 full-time professionals involved in the centre. The center also intents to intensively collaborate with the industry, looking for industrial partner to participate in research programs over the next years.

Findings of the research will be tested in the established Smart Industry Fieldlab MultiM3D, among them will be smart electronics, customised medical products, printed food and pharmaceutical and hight-tech products. TNO names a few examples including e-pills, smart connectors, complete implants, prostheses, dental bridgework, integrated LEDs or spare parts for high-tech equipment printed on site when needed.

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