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Tractus3D launches new Large Volume SE Series 3D-Printer

Tractus3D launched its new Large Volume SE series of 3D Printers alongside Gröner. The launch happened on April 28th, where the T3000SE was introduced alongside the improvements, new features, possibilities, and capabilities of the SE series. The new series of printers is three times faster than previous models and offer conditioned materials, camera support, more accuracy, easier handling as well as less maintenance and many more updates.

The new SE series comes with a conditioned cabinet, which allows the filament to stay in perfect condition. The sensors in the cabinet will measure whether enough filament is available prior to printing, as well as the possibility of the filament running out. The new direct-drive print head includes “noise-cancelling” vibration function, in order to print tighter and smoother than previous models. The large volume 3D printer also promises high speed printing, which is now up to 3 times faster.

Users can operate everything easily with a 15” touch screen. Accompanied by every printer, customers receive a tablet, which allows working mobile around the printer while operating. Additionally, you can use the camera in order to see if the print is running properly and keep an eye on the project being printed.

This new launch comes with a special offer. Customers who pre-order one of the new Large Volume SE series printers in June will pay the same prize as the regular Large Volume printers. This offer ends on June 1st 2022.

You can visit their website to check out the new Large Volume SE Series printers.

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