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TRIDITIVE expands SCALADD with Tecnalia & IDONIAL

The partnership will allow the development of new materials and mechanical characterization of final parts for  AMCELL®


SCALADD the additive manufacturing platform for mass production of TRIDITIVE will give access to industrial companies to mass production with Additive manufacturing thanks to AMCELL® and the expertise provided by the Network of experts in SCALADD.

The strategic partnership with TECNALIA Research & Innovation, aims to improve develop new metal materials for AMCELL®, as well sharing expertise in powder injection molding technology (PIM) to SCALADD platform. Both companies will combine their respective experience in additive manufacturing materials and technologies to expand the range of materials and manufacturing services provided by SCALADD.

The partnership announced by TRIDITIVE with IDONIAL Technology Center, will allow the development of Quality Assessment processes over the whole 3D manufacturing stages and characterization of final parts to guarantee tolerances and structural integrity.

These partnerships will allow customers validate and certified final parts produced with AMCELL®.

“With the development of AMCELL® and quality standardization that our partners provide, TRIDITIVE allows the industrial adoption of mass production with the level of repeatability and quality required for the production of final parts by AM”.  says Mariel Díaz Castro CEO of TRIDITIVE.


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Triditive is a Spanish based company focus on the automation of additive manufacturing. Triditive has developed an advanced platform fully automated powered by machine learning to bring additive manufacturing to the production floor thanks to its mass production and multi-material printing capacity and has quickly established itself as the global leader in the automation and scalability of additive manufacturing. The AMCELL hardware automates the 3D-printing process end-to-end and connects via the EVAM software to enable cloud connectivity to the AMCELLs, full tracking and traceability of parts, manufacturing orders optimization and quality control.