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TRIDITIVE strategic partnership with ECRIMESA

TRIDITIVE is associated with the ECRIMESA Group based on a shared vision of promoting the development of additive manufacturing in metal, the collaboration focuses on the supply of debinding / sintering services and access to their expertise in the field.

TRIDITIVE, manufacturer of automated additive manufacturing industrial machinery AMCELL®, committed to the broad adoption of metal 3D printing in the industry thanks to its AM platform SCALADD, has announced a strategic partnership with ECRIMESA Group, which manufactures steel and aluminium parts by investment casting and Metal Injection Moulding (M.I.M).

As part of the strategic partnership, the company Mimecrisa, belonging to the Ecrimesa Group, supports the SCALADD AM platform in the post-processing of metal parts, providing debinding and sintering services through its three continuous debinding/sintering productions lines as well as two batch production lines with a total production capacity is in excess of 300 tons per year. Mimecrisa is a leading worldwide company in the manufacturing of steel parts with the Metal Injection Moulding, technology that combines the facilities offered by injection molding with the hardness and durability of metals for guarantee the production of complex metal parts.

This collaboration with ECRIMESA will extend the potential market for MIM industry and will guarantee the possibility to provide the industry our high level of metal production with the highest quality guaranteed by Mimecrisa. We look forward to future developments of metallic alloys suitable for AM with the metallurgical laboratory of the ECRIMESA Group” said Mariel Díaz Castro CEO of TRIDITIVE.


TRIDITIVE has developed AMCELL®, the first and only hybrid and automated additive manufacturing machine in the market capable to produce up to 10.000 parts per month made of both metal and polymer. Integrated with our algorithm EVAM Software®, a cloud based architecture for the control and managing of production, AMCELL® can manufacture 24/7 with minor human intervention. We have take additive manufacturing from prototyping to series production. Our cells are working continously in our SCALADD AM platform for the manufacturing of series of final parts

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