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Trim3nsion continues to expand

Trim3nsion is a German 3D printing company that specializes in the production of consumables for the Projet 660pro and the ZPrinter 650. The first half-year was very good for Trim3nsion. There was still a problem with the magenta binder at the end of last year, this was completely solved by the team and now, like the other binders, is a cost-effective alternative to the original materials.

The development of the own brand gypsum powder is also progressing.

“In fact, we had to accept some setbacks in the production of the gypsum powder, which we didn’t expect in that way,” explains Fritz Rositzka, CEO of the company. “We regret the enormous delay that has arisen. However, we will not be rushing to the market with a powder that is not ideally suited to the needs of our customers. We would rather accept this delay and ultimately offer our customers the best possible solution, with which everyone will be satisfied.”

In fact, the powder should be already on the market last year. The team, which concentrates entirely on the powder, is sure, however, that they will produce a final result by the spring of next year. In the meantime customers can purchase the original powder from 3D Systems via Trim3nsion, so that they can now order everything from one source.

Trim3nsion’s expansion is progressing strongly, which is why the manufacturer is looking for resellers, especially in the other European countries, to look after its customers.

“As advertised on our homepage, interested parties should simply get in touch by e-mail to us,” explains Andreas Proschwitz, head of the marketing department.