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trinckle wins pan-European EIT Digital Challenge

BERLIN, December 5th, 2017 – The young Berlin-based 3D printing software company crowned the year-end with the victory of the Europe-wide scale up competition EIT Digital Challenge. In addition to €50,000 in prize money, the EIT Digital Accelerator actively supports trinckle’s international scaling strategy for 2018.

EIT Digital, Europe’s leading organization for open innovation and entrepreneurial education, annually seeks the best European start-up companies with the greatest scaling potential. The Berlin-based 3D printing company trinckle won the final in Eindhoven in the Digital Industry category.

The jury was particularly impressed by the concept of providing software applications to enable other companies to establish innovative business models in the dynamic growth market of 3D printing. Up to now, the too complex manual design process has often been a bottleneck. With its cloud software, trinckle can automate this process and thus make product individualization and mass customization possible at attractive costs.


A prize with a signaling effect for the future

In addition to the cash prize of EUR 50,000, trinckle benefits in particular from participating in the EIT Digital Accelerator program worth EUR 50,000. With a team of 40 experienced business developers and financial experts in 13 European countries and Silicon Valley, the program promises an important boost to international scaling.

“The support of EIT Digital comes at exactly the right time for us. In the 3D printing industry, a breakthrough for various commercial applications can be expected. We have prepared ourselves for this and the EIT Digital Accelerator is the perfect partner for our international scaling.” – trinckle CEO, Florian Reichle

You can understand why Reichle speaks of the right time if you visited Formnext in Frankfurt a few weeks ago. The world’s leading trade fair for additive manufacturing was again able to grow rapidly in a row. Above all, the degree of maturity of the industry has increased significantly. The 3D printing industry is apparently on the
verge of a second wave. Many applications are currently converting from pilot phases into first commercial business models. And that’s exactly where trinckle comes into play with its software-as-a-service solutions.

trinckle has set the course for 2018

For trinckle, winning the EIT Challenge is already the third relevant award this year. At the beginning of November the team was chosen by the start-up magazine “The Hundert” as one of the 100 most promising start-ups of the hotspot Berlin. At this year’s awards of the 3d-printing magazine TCT, a top 5 nomination in the category Industrial Product Applications was achieved – on one level with industry leaders such as Siemens.

Meanwhile, trinckle is focusing on the year 2018:

“We have quite some plans for next year. We want to strengthen our position as the primary partner for design automation and product configuration. And not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and the USA. With the pan-European network of EIT Digital, we are well positioned for this.” – trinckle CEO Florian Reichle