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TU Berlin Opens 3D Printing Repair-Café

Several students have teamed up to build up the “3D-Druck Repair-Café” together with the TU Berlin. The Repair-Café should be a place for creativity and where the possibilities of 3D printing can be tested and used.

The Technical University Berlin has provided the place for the students to create the Repair-Café. The café is placed in the INI-cellar in Room EB018. Through the use of 3D printers it should be possible to build spare parts but not only spare parts. It’s also possible to print any other imaginable part, for example presents, prototypes or jewellery.

For beginners there will be a workshop where they learn how to create a 3D printer on their own. All questions about 3D printing should be answered and a wide insight into the technologies behind 3D printing should be given.

But they have an even bigger goal for the near future: In more rooms a makerspace will be set up. In order not to strain the environment too much with plastic waste they have planned to use environment friendly cartridges to print in the future. To learn more about 3D printing, machines and tools there will be a punch of different workshops in the future.

The INI-cellar is a space that is provided by the TU-Berlin and can be used for different projects and ideas by students. There are a lot of other interesting rooms and projects allocated in the cellar and a click on the website may be very inspiring.