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Turn old junk into cool stuff with 3Dp upcycling

With upcycling it’s possible to use old stuff that’s usually just waste and make new useful things out of it. If you own a 3D printer or use one at an Hackerspace or any other place, and you have a little bit of creativity it will also be possible for you to upcycle parts. Here is a small collection of pretty cool things that were made out of “waste” and 3D printed parts:

Nutella Wine Glass by Cemal Cetinkaya

An empty Nutella glass gets a 3D printed stand and can be used as wine glass afterwards. You get a pretty cool wine glass and you may even create your own design for the stand. As an added bonus, fitting the glasses into the dishwasher will no longer pose a Tetris like problem. The 3D printable model can be downloaded here.


 CD Frisbee by Conor Devine

Most of you will know it: you collect old CDs that won’t be used anymore and after years you take them and throw them away. With this 3D printable model you can build a Frisbee with some 3D printed parts and an old Frisbee.


Starbucks Bird Feeder by Helder L. Santos

Save your dome lid, juice bottle and straw next time you find yourself at a Starbucks. Than you have actually all parts to build a bird feeder, two more 3D printed parts and your bird feeder is ready for usage. The models are also available for download.


There are hundreds of other examples where 3D printing helps to use old products again and not throw them to waste. If you are interested in this subject you can search for “Upcyling 3D printer”.

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