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ULIO 3D: The 3D Printer Almost Completely Made Out of 3D Printed Parts

With the ULIO 3D there will be a new 3D printer available that consist almost entirely of 3D printed parts. Due to its low costs, the printer should be a good option for students and classrooms.

ULIO is a friendly looking 3D printer that consists almost entirely of 3D printed parts – this makes it perfectly suited for schools. The printer should be available in different colours – they even want to produce it in a glowing in the dark colour. The minimal layer height should be around 0.1mm – with this layer height it should be possible to produce nice objects.


Primarily the team wants to address students with this approach. Students should learn how to build a 3D printer, how to use it, what the benefits are and where the limits of 3D printing are. At the moment its unknown if the ULIO will be open source and the project team is working on their IndieGoGo campaign.

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