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Ultimaker Cura Software – Update

Cura is an open source single software solution by Ultimaker.

06.05.2013 – Cura is available for Windows, OSX and Linux and allows for positioning and scaling of 3D models, as well as slicing and sending the GCode file to a 3D printer. The software was developed for the Ultimaker 3D printer but is also compatible with other RepRap devices.

Software Update: Cura-13.03

You can download the free software on Github.

Update: 06.05.13 – Cura Bug Fixes

Ultimaker introduces a new version of Cura with a few bug fixes:

  • Fix: preference window failed to open properly on Mac.
  • Fix: mac “E steps preference” not used in actual GCode.
  • Fix: serial port settings not functioning for USB printing on Mac.
  • Fix: bed temperature not working for Mac.
  • Update: added keyboard support to switch layers in slicing viewer*.
  • Fix: objects turned black in some mirror & rotation uses.
  • Fix: slicing objects with Russian filenames.
  • Fix: saving projects in the project planner.
  • Update: default profiles (low/mid/high quality) have been tweaked for improved prints.
  • Fix: dual-extrusion slicing with 2 parts no longer stops at the lowest object.
  • Improved: installation on Linux.
  • Fix: defaults to full screen.

The new version can be downloaded here.

Update: 20.06.2013 – Interview with Cura developer David Braam


July 2, 2015: Update – Completely reengineered version and new features

Cura has been completely reengineered from the ground up using the Uranium framework, allowing for a seamless integration between hardware, software and materials.

New Features:

  • New plug-in based system (Uranium framework)
  • Overhauled, more intuitive user interface
  • Time-Quality Slider replacing 3 default profiles to have more control over balance between quality and printing time
  • Advanced mode for settings
  • Support for high-DPI screens
  • Optimised support structure for CuraEngine
  • Experimental feature: Wire Printing
  • Undo/Redo feature

Features to be added in Future:

  • Configuration Wizard and Bed Levelling Wizard for Ultimaker Original and Original+
  • All at once/at a time printing
  • Dual extrusion feature with a completely new workflow
  • Improved way to incorporate “Lay Flat” and “Split Objects into Parts”
  • Future plug-ins will include support for DAE and AMF files. GCode files can be loaded directly. Plug-ins to support PNG and JPG as well as other image formats. Support for loading Minecraft levels
  • X-Ray view

The new version is available for download here.