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Ultimaker Launches New Generation Of 3D Printers with Dual Extrusion

Today Ultimaker announced their new line up of 3D printers – starring the Ultimaker 3.

Before we show you the new 3D printer we will take a short look at the history of Ultimakers 3D printers. All startet in 2011 when the manufacturer from the Netherlands released their open source 3D printer.

In 2013 the wooden parts were changed to plexiglas with the release of the Ultimaker². At CES 2015 the company extended their range of products with a smaller option, the Ultimaker 2 Go, and a larger one called Ultimaker 2 Extended, while the original Ultimaker was kept as an affordable option.


The last update to the 3D printers was just earlier this year when a plus (“+”) was added to the Ultimaker 2 and the Extended. But now lets take a look at the all new Ultimaker 3!


The Ultimaker 3 is equipped with a dual extrusion system that features easily swappable print cores dedicated to conventional materials including ABS, PLA and Nylon (AA) as well as to water soluble PVA support (BB). A customised nozzle geometry per material ensures lower clogging risks and therefore a more reliable 3D printing experience. The professional-grade material options combined with the dual extruder allow for geometrical complex designs to be printed.

A high level of automation ensures improved user experience and a more efficient workflow. While active bed levelling requires no more user interference, the printer’s smart material detection powered by NFC technology allows for automatic optimised printer setting for each material. Besides USB and Ethernet connections it also features WIFI capabilities and a built in camera  connected to the open source software CURA for remote printing and monitoring.

“Our team is constantly working to evolve the 3D printing market, and the Ultimaker 3 represents three years of development with the goal of delivering a product that serves the needs of demanding businesses,” said Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker. “3D printers have historically been tapped by businesses for straight-forward prototyping and short run production. The extended capabilities of the Ultimaker 3 introduce a wide variety of new applications and we’re excited to get them into the hands of professionals that can capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing across a variety of industries.”

The Ultimaker 3 and the Ultimaker 3 Extended are available through Ultimaker’s network of global partners with prices starting at $ 3,495 (inc. VAT)/$ 2,995 (excl. VAT).

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