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Uniformity Labs introduces UniFuse IN625 nickel alloy for L-PBF 3D printing

Materials specialist Uniformity Labs announces the availability of its UniFuse IN625 nickel alloy for Laser Powder Bed Fusion.

Uniformity Labs developed a high-density multimodal Inconel 625 powder and high-performance scanning (HPS) parameters for printing in 400-W laser machines. The powder can be printed under typical scanning parameters with different layer thicknesses and laser powers, resulting in improved mechanical properties or increased laser speed.

In an example Inconel 625 part, the Uniformity HPS parameters achieved 2.1 times faster exposure time and comparable or better mechanical properties than competitive scan strategies. This throughput improvement is typical of UniFuse IN625 setups.

The higher tap density and optimized particle size distribution of the multimodal uniformity powder create a uniform, dense powder bed that results in repeatable part builds with the highest throughput. This allows customers to produce parts with improved, stable mechanical properties, even at higher build rates.

“We continue to demonstrate outsized value to our customers, harmonizing AM materials and processes to deliver production-scale additive manufacturing,” said Uniformity founder and CEO Adam Hopkins. “Our powders deliver repeatable mechanical properties and surface finish uniformly across the print bed even when printing at throughputs that greatly exceed those possible with other powders. Our No Compromise approach to AM enables our customers to realize cost-effective serial production.”

Uniformity Labs develops and manufactures state-of-the-art ultra-low porosity metal powders to meet the challenge of cost-effective volume production in AM. With its UniFuse (for L-PBF) and UniJet (for binder jetting) product brands and high-performance scanning strategies, Uniformity Labs has enhanced its ability to produce high-quality parts at scale.

The announcement follows the recent availability of a range of UniFuse and UniJet steel, aluminum and titanium powders. The materials portfolio now includes 13 high-density powders, with more coming soon.

Find out more about Uniformity Labs at uniformitylabs.com.

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