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UnionTech presents new stereolithography systems and high-temperature resistant resin

Chinese manufacturer UnionTech has unveiled two new stereolithography systems and an innovative resin at a trade fair. The new developments are aimed at expanding the application possibilities of additive manufacturing.

The Lite600 2.0 system is a further development of the Lite600 model. It is characterised by a more compact design, which should be of particular interest to companies with limited space. With a construction volume of 600 x 600 x 400 mm, it offers 144 litres of printing space. A special feature is the dynamic adjustment of the jet size, which enables fine details as well as large structures.

A new algorithm for liquid level control ensures an even supply of resin and thus minimises printing errors. The system is compatible with the UnionTech ONE and UnionTech BPC platforms, which facilitates integration into existing workflows.

The second system presented was the Martrix300 LCD 3D printer. It has a COB light source that enables a rectangular resolution of 19 x 24 μm with over 90% print uniformity. An automatic resin refill system and foreign object detection are designed to increase the print quality and service life of the device.

In addition to the printing systems, UnionTech’s subsidiary Synthetic presented the new Temp-R220 resin. It is characterised by a heat deflection temperature of over 220°C and a long-term operating temperature of over 250°C. These properties make it particularly interesting for use in demanding environments.

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