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Up to 80% discount on CUR3D

Now it’s Xmas 2021, because it’s CUR3D!

Oh yeah, Christmas. The festival of love. Contemplation in its purest form. Celebrate with loved ones. Feast and don’t look at the scales. Gifts and memories. Three hazelnuts for Cinderella & Co … Between us: no season arouses such feelings in us as Christmas time. Even in times of Corona, this event is indispensable. What also has become indispensable now is 3D printing. Who of us has not yet tried to make our own Christmas tree decorations? Or a personalized gift? Often it’s just a miniature of a big thing that arouses needs or simply satisfies us. And sometimes such “little things” pose big problems for us. CUR3D solves these problems in no time at all.

CUR3D is perfect for miniatures

3D printing is easy … you think so! When we started, we thought: Put a 3D model in the slicer. Does not fit? Does not matter; is just being scaled down. And we all know what happens. Just garbage. That’s why we developed CUR3D!

CUR3D turns additive manufacturing into what we casually call 3D printing: data in – magic box – data out. Much like the PDF does for 2D printing. CUR3D makes 3D printing easy as it takes care of all the problems that can arise when scaling 3D objects.

Treat yourself to CUR3D with up to 80% discount for Xmas 2021

From Xmas 2021 up to and including January 9th, 2022, CUR3D is reduced by a whopping 50%.

CUR3D lies under the Christmas tree

As every year, also this year, we are reducing our prices for late-night travelers from Christmas onwards. No less than 50% discount is our gift to you, because without our professional customers and the makers, we would not be where we are now. And for that we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Where can I buy CUR3D at a reduced price?

It’s good that you ask. You can apparently find CUR3D at other retailers, but only from us – the actual developer behind CUR3D – and in the Steam Shop you can currently officially buy CUR3D. Follow the links below to buy CUR3D:

Do you still have a voucher code?

If you still have a voucher code and would like to shop in our online shop, please do not be afraid to use it as well. Our Christmas discount can be 100% combined with other discount campaigns.

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