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US Navy orders AML3D ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 metal 3D printer

AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) announced the sale of a large-scale, industrial ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing metal 3D printing system to support the US Navy’s accelerating adoption of Wire Arc additive manufacturing technology.

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing as a means to produce on-demand industrial grade parts is critical to rapidly scaling the parts supply to the US Navy’s submarine industrial base. The ARCEMY order has been placed by BlueForge Alliance (“BlueForge”), a US Department of Defence intermediary supporting the acceleration of advanced manufacturing technologies across the US defence industrial base.

The sale of the ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’, AML3D’s largest ARCEMY system, is valued at approximately AUD$1.0 million (US$697,800), payable up front and upon meeting delivery and installation milestones. The system’s supply, shipping, installation, and commissioning will commence upon receipt of the Authority to Proceed from BlueForge and is expected to be completed during calendar year 2023.

A further expansion of AML3D’s strategic partnership with the US Navy is expected with an additional contract for metal characterisation testing using AML3D’s ARCEMY systems for the provision of parts to the industrial base, expected in Q3.

The ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ system will be located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the largest science & energy laboratory in the US Department of Energy system and a key partner to the US Navy and other US global tier 1 clients. The sale of the ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ system directly aligns with AML3D’s strategy to drive growth through ARCEMY sales with a focus on the US maritime and defence sectors.

AML3D CEO Ryan Millar said: “AML3D is excited to be supporting the US Navy’s submarine industrial base programs for the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies with an ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ system, our large-scale, industrial purpose solution. This sale is a significant opportunity for AML3D, as it is part of a long-term strategic partnership with the US Navy helping them scale up submarine production with advanced additive manufacturing technology. This opportunity with the US Navy and the Submarine Industrial Base aligns with ALM3D’s strategy of focusing on ARCEMY product sales, especially in the US maritime and defence sectors. I look forward to providing further updates as we deepen our presence and partnerships in the US.”

Find out more about AML3D at aml3d.com.

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