Home Applications & Case Studies Ustatue: 3D Printed Selfies Based on 2D Photo

Ustatue: 3D Printed Selfies Based on 2D Photo

A company called Ustatue offers a simple-to-use online service to create full colour 3D printed selfies. All you need is a high quality picture of your face, which is then uploaded to the website.

Once you have selected your face shape and skin tone, Ustatue lets you choose from over fifty body styles that can be outfitted with various hats and other accessories. Within 48 hours your will receive the final 3D model to confirm. This will then be 3D printed in full colour with gypsum and shipped to your home within 2-3 weeks.

Although the 3D printed selfies might not be as detailed and accurate as others out there, they are still an easy-to-use, fun and cheap option compared to full body scan methods.




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