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VECTARY: Easy to Use Online 3D Design and Customisation Tool – Update: $2.5M Funding

VECTARY is a cloud-based 3D design tool, allowing people without experience to model complex shapes. Makers, hobbyists and DIYers can easily generate custom shapes in their browser.

January 15, 2016: This new approach is based around parametric plugins in order to speed up the design process and bring an easy-to-use tool the masses. Using VECTARY, you can perform both generative and standard 3D modelling straight from within your browser. Models will be saved into the cloud, without the need for installation or configuration on the device you are working with. This allows the user also to easily and quickly share and rate models and access them from anywhere.

VECTARY-ToyGun-ViewSwitchingThe Slovakia-based startup was founded by Michal Koor and Pavol Sovis, who have numerous years of experience in the field of 3D design.

“As a company, we strongly believe in agility, interoperability and openness“, said Pavol Sovis, CTO of VECTARY, “This means that we plan to open up our API in the future, to allow users to create their own plugins to generate custom models within VECTARY, meaning that truly the only limit on what users will be able to create, will be their imagination.”

VECTARY-Logo-Black“Having twenty years of experience in 3D design, I have come to realise that I will rather spend a short moment to generate a model by moving sliders and fine‐tune it afterwards by standard modeling, than to spend longer time on creating model from scratch in existing tools”, said Michal Koor, CEO of VECTARY.

VECTARY has opened up its tool to a limited number of early access signups, offering interested users a sneak peek preview into this new platform.


October 11, 2016: Update – Vectary raises $2.5 million seed funding

Vectary has secured a $2.5 million seed funding round led by Berlin-based BlueYard Capital with participation from Neulogy Ventures and several angel investors. The company will now move its headquarters from Slovakia to New York.

The easy-to-use 3D design software has just kicked off with the  beta version released to over 10,000 subscribers.

Michal Koor, Vectary Founder and CEO said, “This funding will ensure our success, allowing us to further implement our vision to become the most widely used 3D modeling tool, and to scale quickly to new markets. There’s an increasingly large Makers community out there, mostly in the US, so the plan is to expand and cement our presence there, and in turn, attract further investments when the timing is right.”

Over the following weeks VECTARY will continue to give more users access, getting their valuable feedback to improve the product and user experience, before opening up to everyone else late 2016.