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Vegan salmon fillet first 3D-printed product available in supermarkets

Austrian food tech startup Revo Foods launches a 3D-printed vegan salmon fillet with REWE/BILLA – A Viennese Original. THE FILET, a mycoprotein-based salmon fillet, is the world’s first 3D-printed food available in supermarkets, marking an important milestone for this technology. What does this mean for the future of 3D food printing? That the technology is now ready for industrial production, and many more 3D-printed foods can be expected in the near future.

Overfishing is an alarming threat. Much of the world’s fish stocks are already overfished, posing a major threat of marine ecosystem collapse. This would be catastrophic not only for marine biodiversity, but also for the approximately 3 billion people who depend on this biodiversity.

Despite the dramatic loss of coral reefs, and the increasing contamination of fish by heavy metals and microplastics, the demand for fish has risen sharply in recent decades. A sustainable solution is vegan fish products, which are produced from plant-based ingredients without overfishing. However, until now, there have been no alternatives for fish lovers:inside for complex products like fish fillets.

3D food printing is a gamechanger for vegan alternatives

For the first time, a new 3D extrusion technology developed by Revo Foods enables the seamless integration of vegan fat into vegetable protein fibers – resulting in a new generation of authentic fish alternatives with the signature juicy fibers of fish fillets. With its patented 3D MassFormer™ technology, Revo Foods has developed the first continuous production process that enables the mass production of 3D-printed foods.

“3D food printing is a creative revolution. For the first time, completely new products can be created, creating taste experiences otherwise only seen in Michelin restaurants. It allows us to completely rethink food production, and put people at the center of this technology. ”
Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods

This new process is a gamechanger for meat alternatives, as a completely new category of complex products such as vegan steaks and fillets can be produced in authentic form for the first time.

Revo Foods introduces “THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon,” based on mushroom protein

Revo Foods is now introducing “THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon,” the first 3D-printed salmon fillet – and the first 3D-printed product ever – to make the leap to supermarket shelves.

THE FILET is made from mycoprotein, which has juicy plant fiber and high nutritional value. That’s why the product has Nutriscore “A” rating, thanks to high protein and omega-3 content. Mushroom protein also requires fewer resources (water, emissions) in its production than traditional fish production, making it much more environmentally friendly.

Since mycoprotein was not yet suitable for 3D food printing, Revo Foods has collaborated with Swedish manufacturer Mycorena to develop a new version of the product, “Promyc,” which results in higher levels of fiber during 3D printing. This development was supported with European funding of EUR 1.5 million.

The first partner for the launch of THE FILET is REWE/BILLA, one of the largest European supermarkets. Customers across Europe will also be able to order THE FILET from the Revo Foods online store from October 1.

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