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Velo3D visits 7 countries during its European 2022 ​​Seeing is Believing AM Tour

Velo3D, Inc., a metal additive manufacturing technology company for mission-critical parts, announced its Seeing is Believing Additive Manufacturing Tour for Europe, which will visit seven cities in 2022 across Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The roadshow brings together innovators across key industries including space, aviation, oil & gas, and energy to share how additive manufacturing and the Velo3D end-to-end solution are transforming these businesses by helping engineers manufacture the parts they need without compromise.

“When we talk to prospective customers who have experience with additive manufacturing, the first thing they want is to see the parts for themselves to witness whether the geometries we offer can truly be achieved,” said Renette Youssef, Velo3D CMO. “In our pilot of the Seeing is Believing roadshow we made amazing connections between engineers, technology influencers, and executives in the additive manufacturing industry to learn from and inspire one another. We look forward to achieving this same community building in Europe.”

Velo3D initially launched its roadshow in 2021 across five cities. The events brought together hundreds of innovators to learn how the Velo3D end-to-end solution delivers high part quality, complex geometries, repeatability in distributed manufacturing, and high-volume production through its scale-up Sapphire XC printer.

“With 3D printing being a relatively new manufacturing technology, these community building events help innovators conceptualize how it can be used to transform their businesses, improve efficiency in key systems, and solve their biggest challenges,” said Campbell MacPherson, Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield (SBO) EVP of Advanced Manufacturing. “As the first company to acquire a Velo3D Sapphire printer in Europe, we’re thrilled to share how the technology has helped us better serve our customers.”

The roadshow events focus on educating engineers of all types on the many benefits and capabilities of advanced additive manufacturing. The presentations highlight the process from start to finish, including pre-print, during printing, quality assurance, the underlying manufacturing process, and post processing. The 2022 show will make seven stops at European cities, including:

·       Bergamo, Italy – May 25
·       Lyon, France – June 10
·       Augsburg, Germany – June 21
·       Toulouse, France – September 15

Future dates will also be announced for Milano, Italy; Birmingham, England; and Munich, Germany. Engineers interested in attending one of the shows on the tour can visit Velo3D.com to request a ticket.

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