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Verashape introduces a 3D Printers rental offer

Less than a month after the unveil of VSHAPER GO, the producer of 3D Printers has yet another novelty to offer his customers. By offering VSHAPER 3D Printers  for long-term hire, the producer will definitely meet the needs of industrial companies who have not been able to purchase such a device.

The VSHAPER GO, already available for presale, is a perfect solution when embarking upon the adventure of 3D Printing. It’s the answer to the expectations of designers, creators, enthusiasts and companies that occasionally use 3D Printing technology.

 Providing solutions for industry, we meet many 3D Print enthusiasts, who pointed out that our solutions, though very successful in production and prototyping, when used in a smaller scale appear to be too technologically advanced. To meet their expectations we have created the new model of VSHAPER printer, and almost instantly sold first copies – says Jacek Wach, Marketing Manager from Verashape.

 Being a unit that provides 3D Printing services, when enriching our offer with a new printer we obviously had to live up to the expectations of many production companies interested in the option of 3D Printer rental. We see it as the next stage in the development process of the companies who have already used our 3D printing services for single orders – adds Tomasz Szymański, the CEO and founder of Verashape.

Whether you need to print an object of your own design, use the device in a small lot production or simply test it in industrial environment before deciding to buy it – you can now enjoy your work with the support of our solutions. As part of a long-term hire program the producer ensures installation, training and comprehensive technical support.

More information on: http://vshaper.com/en/3d-printer-rental/

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Verashape A producer of 3D VSHAPER industrial printers, characterized by patented technological solutions. Mostly valued in automotive, foundry, aerospace and medical industry as well as the production of injection molds, research institutes, higher education and design. Customers worldwide are interested in the printers, especially Germany, USA, Italy and Korea. Apart from the models on standard offer Verashape also provides custom made printers. Currently Verashape team is working on a project called ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ subsidized by The National Centre for Research and Development 2014-2020 creating a new model of 3D printer. The aim of the project is to enhance FFF (fused filament fabrication) printing technology.