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VERASHAPE up for “Symbol Innowacji 2017” title

“Symbol 2017” followed by the name of a specific category is a Polish nationwide promotion program run for 7 years by the editors of “Monitor Rynkowy”, an independent supplement distributed with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and “Monitor Biznesu”, an independent supplement distributed with Rzeczpospolita. The organizers of the program have acknowledged the development of VERASHAPE and nominated the company for the title of “Symbol Innowacji 2017”.

The Symbols are an expression of appreciation of past activities and accomplishments. The program honors those companies and institutions whose brands have become representative and are identified with the industry. The organizers wish to showcase the best symbolic quality of management and action when writing and speaking about a particular business.

The “Symbol” titles will be bestowed during the solemn Gala of the Symbol 2017 Program, which brings together hundreds of business, politics and media representatives each year.

In 2016 edition of the program, the jury comprising of personalities such as Henryk Warkocz, President of TÜV Nord Poland, Dr Jan Rzymełka, prof. Robert Tomanek, rector of the UE in Katowice and writer and media expert Tadeusz Biedzki, awarded Uniwersytet Medyczny in Łódź, Wydział Chemiczny Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Dolnośląskie Centrum Transplantacji Komórkowych, Wielkopolskie Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii and companies like SECO/ WARWICK and Kaspersky Lab Polska among others.

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Verashape A producer of 3D VSHAPER industrial printers, characterized by patented technological solutions. Mostly valued in automotive, foundry, aerospace and medical industry as well as the production of injection molds, research institutes, higher education and design. Customers worldwide are interested in the printers, especially Germany, USA, Italy and Korea. Apart from the models on standard offer Verashape also provides custom made printers. Currently Verashape team is working on a project called ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ subsidized by The National Centre for Research and Development 2014-2020 creating a new model of 3D printer. The aim of the project is to enhance FFF (fused filament fabrication) printing technology.