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Vienna Business Agency publishes the technology report ‘Additive Manufacturing’ in cooperation with AM Austria

The newly published technology report ‘Additive Manufacturing’ by the Vienna Business Agency provides details about Vienna’s 3-D printing companies and research institutions and illustrates their impressive activities. The report was developed in close coordination with the technology platform Additive Manufacturing Austria.

Around 8,500 manufacturing companies are currently located in Vienna, employing more than 135,000 people and contributing about 18% of Vienna’s added value with approximately 12.3 billion euros annually. One of Vienna’s hot topics is ‘smart production in the big city’, including 3-D printing. Technologies such as additive manufacturing open up the opportunities to implement new business models and optimized processes within the city. With the Vienna 2030 strategy, the federal capital focuses on those issues in which the city is already particularly successful and aims to provide answers to the major challenges of the coming years—from climate change to digitalization. The goal is to be among the best in the world in six areas within the next ten years and to develop compelling innovations.

In close cooperation with the technology platform AM-Austria, the Vienna Business Agency has now published the technology report ‘Additive Manufacturing’. The report offers a comprehensive overview of the various trends and developments of Vienna’s additive manufacturing industry. The report also contains many important findings that were developed in working groups by the technology platform in cooperation with the Johannes Kepler University. To make optimal use of the potential at this location, the Vienna Business Agency acts as an information and cooperation platform for Viennese technology developers. It networks companies with development partners and key customers from business, science and city administration. It supports Viennese companies with targeted monetary subsidies and a variety of advice and support offers.

‘The business agency supports innovation projects and start-ups in the field of additive manufacturing with a wide range of subsidies and services. Our new technology report offers a good overview of current market data, technological developments and the main Viennese innovation drivers in this sector. The cooperation with AM Austria should help to bring these Viennese companies’ extraordinary achievements into the spotlight locally and internationally’, says Eva Czernohorszky, Vienna Business Agency, Head of Technology Services. ‘The technology report not only offers a detailed overview of the regional activities but also illustrates the innovative strength of the Austrian 3-D printing industry,’ confirms Dr Johannes Gartner from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. ‘The report further describes the characteristics and effects that make 3-D printing the technology of the future’.

Thanks to the integration of high-quality digital solutions and the latest production technologies, Vienna’s manufacturing companies are considered pioneers in modern production technologies worldwide. Vienna is also setting new international standards in green production processes and products, thereby ensuring that the location’s quality can be exported.