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VITRONIC Develops 3D Scanner for Shoe Size Recommendation System

Finding the right shoe that fits the feet of your kids can be a challenge. Research shows that about 80 percent of all children wear inappropriate shoes. Even though most people are born with healthy feet in first place, when further growing they can be affected in a negative way by wearing shoes that are either too small or too large. But how can you make sure that the children’s shoe has a proper fit?

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VITRONIC now has developed for UCS an innovative foot scanner, which precisely measures children’s feet. The measured data is seamlessly integrated into the SafeSize® shoe size recommendation system by UCS, which is based on medical and orthopedic guidelines. Further, the tool can also forecast the growth of the children’s feet according to the desired wearing time and the selected shoe model.

Aleksander Kopac, CEO UCS comments: “SafeSize® is an innovative and reliable tool that further adds value to shoe stores as it increases quality of customer service. Our new foot scanner is easy to handle and provides the relevant parameters for finding the perfectly matching children’s shoe in a few seconds.

VITRONIC_3d_scanner_schuhe3With the new scanning solution for UCS we are redefining the process of choosing the right shoe for children,” says Julian Martini, Industry Division Sales Manager VITRONIC. “We are happy to support its successive roll out in international key markets, applying our long standing expertise for innovative body scanning.

The new foot scanner is ready for market and four units are currently tested in shoe stores across Europe as well as four in the US. Further tests will be implemented by the third quarter of 2015.

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