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VOCO V-Print c&b temp – Composite Temporaries from the 3D Printer

With its latest material development, the Cuxhaven-based dental material manufacturer VOCO is expanding both the use of the additive production technique and the V-Print family portfolio: with V-Print c&b temp, VOCO is offering a practical solution for the manufacture of even multi-unit temporary restorations in complex prosthetic treatment in the digital workflow.

In the scope of a total temporary rehabilitation, digital designs mean patients can be involved from even before treatment begins. The restoration is planned, designed and visualised digitally – with predictable results for both the dentist and the patient. The additive production technique allows almost infinite design possibilities compared with the subtractive alternative. Patients receive durable temporary work with a high accuracy of fit before the final restoration is produced.

Highly filled composite with great flexibility

Temporaries made of V-Print c&b temp are restorations with expanded possibilities such as individual characterisation, simple repair if needed and shape adjustments with composite in the course of the treatment. The high surface quality allows simple processing and polishing. The translucency and natural fluorescence of V-Print c&b temp exceed all aesthetic demands placed on a temporary restoration. V-Print c&b temp is a highly filled composite in medical device class IIa.

The first-class physical properties such as high flexural strength (132 MPa), low abrasion (119 µm) and low water absorption (18 µg/mm³) make V-Print c&b temp ideal for long-term temporaries too, as confirmed by our laboratory tests.

Find out more about Voco at voco.dental.

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