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Voltera V-One: Circuit Board 3D Printer Hits Kickstarter

The Voltera V-One circuit board printer, which had been unveiled for the first time at the International CES in Las Vegas back in January, has now been launched on Kickstarter.

The funding goal of $ 70,000 was reached within the first minuets and as of now the Voltera team has already collected over $ 210,000 for the production of the device.

“The Voltera V-One can create a prototype board right from your work bench. Gerber files go in; FR4 boards come out.”

The printer lays down a conductive ink to create the traces and an insulating ink as a mask between layers. The ink cartridge can easily be exchanged and snaps on and off magnetically. The software will guide the user through every step and handles all the file conversation. The print head can also be exchanged for a solder paste dispenser.


All early bird offers are gone, however, you can still get the Voltera starting at $ 1,499. First printers are said to be shipped in September this year.

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