Home Press Releases Voxelab is to release its first whole-set 3D printer-Aries

Voxelab is to release its first whole-set 3D printer-Aries

Ready to use straight out of the box, saving time and effort for your creative printing.

Voxelab is to launch a new 3D printer model named Aries, the first 3D printer of whole-set delivery. “Various types of 3D printers appeared on the market as the number of 3D printer users grows. Voxelab is aiming at providing audiences with the 3D printers that are most suitable for them. Aries, as a 3D printer for DIY makers, is more suitable for novices to get entry-level 3D printing skills. It is a good stuff for families use and education.” Engineer Mr. Ju said.

The whole-kit-delivery Aries model does not need manual assembly. It is ready to use straight out of the box. Compared with other 3D printers, Aries gets the following advantages:
A safe choice for families with children. The machine shell is mainly made of plastic alloy which is smooth, sturdy, and especially does not hurt hands. Besides, the box-structured Aries does not need furthermore assembly. It is whole-set delivery, easy for new beginners to use.

Aries’ Profile:
Appearance: red and black, classic and fashion colors.
Features: out of the box, resume printing when power is on, filament automatic loading and unloading, filament detection, dual-linear-rail leadscrew stepper for Z-axis, photoelectric sensor, colorful touch screen, LED lighting, replaceable fast-heat printing bed.
Printing method: Saving files on memory card (8GB), transmitting files via Wi-Fi, or using U disk to print.
Price: $300+
Availability Date: Coming soon.