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Voxelab releases Aquila D1 high temperature direct printer

Voxelab is launching its newest-developed high temperature direct drive 3d printer Aquila D1, aiming to provide more effective 3d printing.

Quick Shot on Aquila D1

  • Upgraded 300℃ direct drive extruder design
  • 100mm/s printing speed for personal use
  • X-axis, Y-axis Linear Guide

Extra-strong extruder, the core secret

The faster the printing speed, the more likely it is to cause adhesion problems between layers. In addition, the faster the base speed, the easier it is to clog the nozzle because more consumables need to be extruded at the same time, and the flow rate is greater, which has to be a huge test for the extruder.

To solve the problem of the non-adhesive bottom layer, the extruder is upgraded to a high-temperature nozzle up to 300°C to ensure that the consumables can fully melt to produce sufficient adhesion. It is also equipped with a high-speed fan to cool down quickly and prepare for the next layer of printing. The high-temperature nozzle also greatly enhances the choice of consumables, such as ABS and PETG, TPU. Higher temperature, greater choice.

There’s a powerful change in Aquila D1’s extruder: Voxelab has added a powerful component to the entire extrusion system, reaching a filament feeding force of 70 Newton, an increase of up to 150%. This ensures smooth extrusion, even during high-speed printing, avoiding the 2 consequences of clogging: 1) damage to the machine interior, 2) reduced nozzle life, etc.

High Printing Speed, the new rigid demand

After a quantity survey of 3D printer fresh and senior users, the newcomer requirement of 3D printers in 2022 is a faster printing speed. Voxelab did lots of research and tests to balance printing speed and printing quality on Aquila D1.

Aquila D1’s maximum printing speed is 180mm/s, average speed is 100mm/s, which is almost 200% higher than its precursor. When building the same model on Aquila series printers, Aquila D1’s printing time decreased at by 60% overall, without compromise on quality.

Structure’s Simplicity: the reason for stable

Aquila D1 adopts dual linear guide to achieve stable-than-ever printing performance. The printer’s X-axis and Y-axis use linear guide rails to yield smoother motions. This helps reduce the surface texture caused by machine shaking, allows higher precision and finer detailed printing.

Parameter Table

Nozzle diameter0.4mm
Printing precision±0.2mm
Layer thickness0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
Print volume235*235*250mm
Print speed10-180mm/s
Maximum Extruder Temperature300℃
Maximum platform Temperature110℃
Filament compatibility1.75-PLA/PETG/TPU 95A/ABS/HIPS/ASA
Slicing softwareVoxelMaker, Cura, Simplify
ConnectivityUSB / SD Card
Auxiliary leveling25-point auto leveling
Resume printing after power failureYes
Flexible platformYes

The Aquila D1 is designed to enhance effective 3d printing and the satisfaction of 3d printers. Its ease of use, powerful ever extruder is what Voxelab is proud in. It is now under pre-sale on Voxelab3dp.com, pre-sale price under $400.

Find out more about Voxelab at voxelab3dp.com.

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