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Want to remaster your eyewear?

Remasters is a digital eye-wear brand launching out of tech-hub/countryside, Cambridge, UK.

The frames start with taking your favourite classics and remixing these into rare new issues. And, for those of you into 3D you will recognise some of the classic 3D texturing approaches: Layered, Voronoi and Gyroid. The results are fresh frames that are customisable by you and always remixed with a dash of spatial textures and full-silhouette patterns.

As well as this clearly digital approach, the look and feel of these frames do require some real-world craft. After the frames are manufactured “by freakin lasers”, in an SLS factory, the digital prints are then handed over for a slow workshop finish to give them time to mature. The fitted hinges are durable, CNC-honed for long-lasting smooth operation and the frame surface treatments are an in-house developed “re-lux” vibro finish. Combine this with premium optical lenses to create great optical and sun glasses.

As we they are young, you can get your hands on some super unique frames by web. They are also on the lookout for custom inspirations and cool places to start selling in shops – let them know if you have any tech or fashion collaboration ideas?