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WASP Intends to 3D Print Bone Implants Using Clay

Following the success of Rome Maker Faire, WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) will be at the 3D Printing Show in Paris on 17th and 18th of October. After 3D printing the prototype of a house in Rome, this time Massimo Moretti’s group wants to open new fronteers in the 3D printing world.

Clay and ceramic are still the center of their work. The WASP team believes that ceramic is a material that will revolutionise 3D printing; a new way of production that consents new changes of work and maybe an economical relaunch by self-production.

3D printed clay has a wide scope of applications, from the construction to the medical field. By using implantable ceramics like hydroxylapatite, bioglass and aluminium oxide, it is possible to reproduce internal porous bones. WASP has already realised some projects in this direction and they keep on investing on clay 3D printing as a tool for scientific research and production in several fields.

So far 3D printing used predominantly plastic materials to create objects which were usefull in project communication for designers and companies but weren’t functional in everyday life. However, digital handicraft and 3D printing could be a turning point in people life, starting from self-production.


The research and development group has just developed a new extruder which allows for printing 0,35mm diameter clay filament, with a precision and control that are equal to plastic materials. WASP will introduce this extruder at the 3D Printing Show in Paris.

“We want to move 3D printing world from representation of objects to realisation of them, we’d like to improve people’s life, create new jobs, support scientifical research,” says Massimo, his enthusiasm is feeding the dream day by day while it becomes true.


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