Home Industry WASP presents new 3D printing technologies at Formnext

WASP presents new 3D printing technologies at Formnext

Italian company WASP, a pioneer in sustainable 3D printing, is presenting several new technologies for additive manufacturing at the Formnext 2023 trade fair. The focus will be on multi-material printing, pellet printing and series production.

CEREBRO, a system for integrating industrial robots and WASP extruders, will be presented. It enables over 1000 configurations and the simultaneous control of several extruders and printing tools. According to WASP, this makes 3D printing with robots more accessible.

Another innovation is METAMORFOSI, a new pellet printing system that can insert different materials and colors in a controlled manner during printing. Smooth transitions and customization of properties are possible. In cooperation with Sekisai, a multi-part workpiece will be printed live at the trade fair.

According to WASP, series production of individualized ceramic parts can be realized with the WASP App software. The shape, texture and other properties can be adjusted parametrically via a user-friendly interface. WASP sees great potential for individualized mass production.

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