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WASP Shows 3-Metre-High DeltaWASP 3MT 3D Printer at Ceramics Event

At the Argillà 2016, an international ceramics festival that took place in Italy at the beginning of September, WASP presented their new 3-metre-high DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer, capable of producing sculptures that are 1 metre in hight.

The printer features a new extruder that deposits a specially formulated clay mixture for 3D printing, reducing the risk of collapsing. The extrusion system is able to sustain 15 kg of clay, as Massimo Moretti, CEO of WASP, explains:

“After the launch of the first professional clay extruder for consumer printers that we showed during the last Argillà Edition, we’ve produced a new model able to extrude in a few time full scale objects. So we have designed a printer able to move till 15kg of material.”

The printer is designed to hold the weight of 20 kg weh it is full. It works with an Automatic Recharge System and is fitted with a 7 mm diameter nozzle.

“We are interested in Ceramic experimentation to open a window in Sculpture and Contemporary Ceramic,” Moretti said. “We are very proud of our results. Obviously, it’s the first step of the research process and we will improve the research during the next months.”

While collaborating with artist Francesco Pacelli, WASP has also teamed up with the producer of botanical perfumery and aromatherapy, Olfattiva, resulting in a limited 3D printed edition of porcelain bottles containing the handmade perfumes.

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