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WASP Unveils Maker Economy Starter Kit to 3D Print Houses

Italy-based 3D printing company WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) has launched the Maker Economy Starter Kit. The kit consists of a container with 3D printing equipment in order to build affordable housing. 

WASP explains that the kit is a self-producing economy that can be set up everywhere. It contains a total of six 3D printers, among them the 12-meter-high Big Delta 3D printer capable of building houses, as well as the Delta WASP 3MT  multi-tool printer for furniture and other middle-sized items. Additional to systems to prepare material for printing, the starter kit offers all necessary information through online tutorials. All content is also open source.

“Our aim is to create micro independent communities, born and developed on the community knowledge thanks to advanced self-producing systems, reachable from everyone,” WASP CEO Massimo Moretti explains. “The 3D printing is the producing process which allows to realize the no-debt-house, a house which offers more freedom to people, a dynamic house, able to create economy, which produces energy instead of using it. A living solution at zero costs able to satisfy all primary human needs: house, food, energy, health, job, culture. It can be helpful in case of humanitarian emergencies caused by economical or political crisis or in case of natural disasters. An instrument useful to Humanitarian Organizations, Civil Protection, Onlus, National and international Institutions to easily operate in difficult situations or areas.”

WASP will introduce the kit at the Rome Maker Faire, taking place from 14th to 16th of October.