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Welcome To The Era of Multi-Robotic Desktop 3D Printing

Israeli 3D printer developer Modix exposed the world’s first dual robot desktop 3D printer, the Modix Tango, at the TCT show.

Birmingham, UK – Modix Tango integrates of two independent and coordinated 3D printers – all in one. The dual robots can print single objects simultaneously. It can also print two identical or non-identical objects at the same time. Users can operate each robot as a stand-alone 3D printer.

Filament extrusion 3D printers are slow. Existing solutions to this problem either reduce print resolution or run the printer at higher speeds resulting in lower rigidity and accuracy of the models.
Multi robotic 3D printing is an industry game changer providing 3D printing service centers, engineers, architects and makers with new important capabilities to print more and faster.

Modix Founder & CEO, Shachar Gafni: “There is a brief moment in the history of every sector where a once up-to-date technology becomes obsolete. We believe that the days of the single robot 3D printers are over.”

Full description of the 3D printer hardware, software, and pricing will be provided upon official release. Current time frame for release is December 2016.

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