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Wematter concludes agreement with Solid World

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter, a company that offers advanced SLS technology in a user-friendly hardware and software solution, has signed an agreement with Slovenian reseller Solid World. The agreement opens a new market for Wematter in which Solid World offers the SLS 3D printer Gravity to Slovenian businesses.

The partnership allows Wematter, through Solid World, to distribute the Gravity SLS 3D printer in a completely new market, which is fully in line with Wematter’s growth strategy and expansion in Europe.

“We of Nordic origin find it particularly exciting that we are establishing ourselves in the south of Europe. It creates the conditions for us to take in impressions and experiences from all European countries as we drive the development of SLS technology,” said Robert, CEO and Founder at Wematter. He continued: “The high level of interest from dealers also confirms that our business model of renting systems is attractive and provides great flexibility. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Solid World”.

“We have found a partner in Wematter that meets all of our requirements. We were looking for an SLS 3D printer manufacturer that focuses on design and ease of use. The fact that Gravity is designed to operate in an office environment makes our offer more flexible: the system may be deployed to a wider range of customers. The Wematter Gravity ecosystem is suitable for prototyping and small batch production. It can also be used to create the parts in manufacturers’ end products, such as personalised products. We look forward to informing our customers about our new addition!”, said Jernej Lokovšek, owner, co-founder and CEO, of Solid World.

Links: www.wematter3d.se / www.solidworld.si

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