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WhiteClouds Launches 3DyourMAP Service to 3D Print Maps Generated From Drone Images

3D printing service provider WhiteClouds has launched 3DyourMAP, to provide full-scale colour printed models produced from drone data. The new service will be available through DroneDeploy’s App Market.

As of the beginning of November, customers are able to send drone imagery of topography and terrain from DroneDeploy to WhiteCloud’s servers. There technical engineers will produce customised models of maps. Clients can then choose between different print materials.

“Transmitting drone data and creating customized, physical models of that data gives companies an edge and bridges the gap between digital and physical, driving more communication,” explained WhiteClouds CRO Braden Ellis. “It has always been part of our mission to help our business partners push the limits and achieve more through 3D Printing.”

As the global market for businesses using drones is expected to exceed $127 billion by 2020 according to PWC, the potential for commercial drones in industry is forecasted to grow exponentially.

WhiteClouds currently sees businesses in agriculture, engineering, construction and mining as potential customers, but also tech manufacturers and developers could use the service to create on demand products using captured data from lidar, photogrammetry, sonar and any future 3D content capture.

“Businesses are just beginning to see the benefits of integrating drone-captured imagery into planning and implementing new solutions,” said Nicholas Pilkington, DroneDeploy’s CTO and co-founder. “Partnering with WhiteClouds will enable companies to take full advantage of the technology seamlessly, quickly and affordably.”