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Windform Materials Guest at Milan Design Week

CRP Technology and Windform® materials have been selected as technical partner for “sense-me”, the Sbodio32 event organized and created by Ezgaat Architects for Milan Design Week 2017.

The exhibition will be held from 4th to 9th April at Sbodio32 (via Gaetano Sbodio 32/2, Milan), in the heart of the Lambrate Design District.

At “Sense-me” will be shown the “external accessories” manufactured by CRP Technology from Windform® GT composite SLS (selective laser sintering / Selective Laser Sintering) material and created by seven international designers during the Emerging Skins workshop.

Under the mentorship of computational designer at MHOX and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna Alessandro Zomparelli, and with the support of Francesco Antici, Giuseppe Cotugno and Martina Carosella, the designers have explored computational design and 3D printing opportunities in the development of fashion products, emphasizing the integration of 3D printed parts within outfits and creating external accessories. The workshop focused on the research of geometrical explorations, aesthetic behavior of generative patterns and material performance through medium between computational design, digital fabrication and traditional sartorial techniques in couture fashion. At the end of the workshop – Alessandro Zomparelli states – three items of clothing have been realized.

The external accessories manufactured by CRP Technology using Windform® GT composite materials and SLS technique are two accessories for hands, shinguard and a belt.

“The Windform® GT composite material – Alessandro Zomparelli continues – has been chosen both for its aesthetic and mechanical features. Specifically, for the belt we wanted a flexible and durable material, to ensure fit and durability”.

Windform® GT is a polyamide based glass fiber reinforced composite material with a dark black color.

Windform® GT combines the optimal characteristics of elasticity, ductility, and resistance to impact. Thus, it can be considered a highly valuable material in various functional and design applications. Windform® GT has passed both the  patch epicutaneous test and the analysis performed on the leaching liquid. lt can be used to create devices which can be applied on skin. Windform® GT allows the production of unique and customized design pieces that combine aesthetic  and  high  performance features.

SBODIO32 presents “sense-me” for Milan Design Week 2017 The #designporn edition

“sense-me”: utilizing nature and technology to create new archetypes and objects of devotion. A new generation of design influenced by Shamanism, Eroticism and Technology. Through a project based exhibition that interacts with the public through a series of events, performances and workshops. Hosting range of contemporary emerging talents within the fields of design, fashion, arts and music.

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