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World Premiere of 5AX New 5-axis 3d printer from VSHAPER

5AX VSHAPER Machine exceeds the limitations of 3d printing technology. We move the needle forward with VSHAPER 5AX Machine.

VSHAPER changes the way people think about 3D printing. As a manufacturer of machines that print in the FDM (Fused Deposition
Modeling) technology, dedicated to the industrial and production sectors, VSHAPER well understands the directions of 3D printing technology development. Together with the preparations for the May world premiere of the latest innovation – 5AX – a 3d printing and machining machine that operates in 5 axes – VSHAPER opens an entirely new space for engineering applications for printing thermoplastic materials.

A lot has already been written about the advantages of manufacturing in 3d printing technology. About the flexibility of production, it provides as well as about the possibilities that it gives to designers, inventors, and engineers in the field of joining materials, flooding of elements in the internal structure of the model, or in the designing of geometry that cannot be obtained by traditional methods.

The problem raised when discussing this type of manufacturing method concerning industrial applications is the anisotropic nature of printouts. The layers which build a model are located precisely on the same plane. It results in uneven strength depending on the selected axis and besides requires a lot of knowledge from the designer when placing the model at an angle that guarantees maximum durability in the required plane. Support structures needed to maintain model geometry generate additional costs. When printing of high-temperature thermoplastic materials – the base and support material is often the same.

So how to make the printed detail can be strengthened in different planes so that the mass of material needed to print the model was equal to the weight of the final part. VSHAPER puts on 5-axes, and 5AX thanks to 5-axis kinematics, equipped with a spinning and tilting working platform – lets you forget about the conventional layer-by-layer printing method.

Indexed 5-axis printing allows you to change the plane indexed as the basis, to any other flat plane of the model. It therefore, reinforces various axes within one model. 5AX printer – gives you unprecedented freedom to choose from printed materials and tools during one process.
Also, thanks to the use of encoders, it ensures constant control over the printing process. In the case of blockage of the filament flow or jamming of the head, the machine receives immediate up to date feedback.

The printing with 5AX guarantees the automatic adjustment of the model plane to the print head. A specially designed print bed ensures rotation and deflection of the model, enabling any direction of filament application, therefore eliminates the need to support model geometry with printed carrying structures. It is possible to plan model printing in any axis, which significantly improves the anisotropic factor of material properties.

VSHAPER 5AX gives the possibility of attaching 6 different tool heads.
The head with the automatic tool identification system adapts the action to the given tool parameters. Each drive takes a command signal for position, velocity, or current and adjusts the voltage and current applied to the servomotor based on closed-loop feedback. Therefore, the machine has up to date information about the location of the head during printing.

VSHAPER 5AX is able to work with many materials during one printing process. By choosing from six tools, it is possible to manufacture complex parts in the form of a one-component system. The machine, receiving the appropriate data, will make a model out of stiff material, reinforce it locally with a high-strength material, and print seals made out of a flexible one. After finishing the printing process, 5AX will smoothly proceed to machine the printed model.

VSHAPER 5AX MACHINE characterizes with a cylindrical workspace with a diameter and height of 300 mm. By maintaining a constant temperature in the printing chamber and a heated, rotary table, the printer can work with the majority of the available thermoplastic materials. The measuring head allows you to measure model features.

Work on the VSHAPER 5AX printer is slowly coming to an end, and we can’t wait for the moment of presenting the effects of VSHAPER specialist’s work.