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Xact Metal and Prototech bring affordable metal 3D printing to South Korea

With the goal of expanding access to affordable metal 3D printing for small and medium businesses and decentralizing additive manufacturing, Xact Metal announced an exclusive sales and service partnership with Prototech in South Korea. Affordable metal 3D printing from Xact Metal continues to grow with the newly formed partnership in South Korea with Prototech Total 3D Printing Solutions.

“At Xact Metal, we’re establishing a new level of price and performance in metal 3d printing by taking the essential specs of metal additive manufacturing and combining them with breakthrough technology” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “We are pleased to partner with Prototech as we help customers start their journey from plastics into metal 3D printing.”

Prototech has extensive experience in the 3D world and offers high-quality solutions, including 3D printers and 3D scanners from world-class brands. Prototech also offers prototyping and reverse engineering services. Prototech has a strong and knowledgeable team dedicated to service, making them a great partner for Xact Metal in lowering the financial barriers to metal 3D printing in South Korea.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Xact Metal to offer high-quality, metal 3D printing in a practical and affordable way,” states Amy Choi, Marketing Lead for Prototech. “Xact Metal’s combination of innovation and carefully engineered solutions will allow a variety of companies to thrive in metal additive manufacturing and differentiate themselves in their marketplace.”

“The sales and service partnership with Prototech, South Korea complements Xact Metal’s aim to support customers locally,” said Gomez. “Prototech’s experienced and technical team in South Korea is dedicated to 3D printing equipment and service, making them a great partner for Xact Metal as we continue our journey.”

Find out more about Prototech at prototech.co.kr.

For more information about Xact Metal, please visit xactmetal.com.

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